Tablić - Rules


Tablić is a game played by two or four players. For now it is enabled for two players, but plan is to enable games for four players. The game is played with the entire deck of 52 cards.

Game types

Although officially in the Tablić, there is only a game that lasts until a player or team is not more than 101 points, which we called a long game, we have specially introduced the concept of a short game that is played in just one win. It is on you to choose the type of game that you like better.

A short game is over after all the cards of one deck are dealt. The player with the higher sum of points, 3 points for bonuse called 3 on the cards and the tablas is the winner.

Long game ends when either of the players cross the 101 points.

Card values

King (K) is worth 14, Queen (Q) 13, and Jack (J) 12. Other cards are scored according to their nominal. Ace (A) in this regard has a special treatment. Its value can be 1 or 11, depending on the assessment and desires of the players who is on the move.


The aim of the game is to take as many cards from the deck, ie. take as many points. Cards are taken by throwing card from hand and wearing a card that has the same value or more cards, which sum is equal to throwed card. Taken cards are collected by players and at the end of the game players count points.


The dealer share per 6 cards to each player (in two rounds by 3) and puts four cards to the table. Cards on the table must be separated. The rest of the cards are placed on the side. Once all players have thrown all cards they had, the dealer took deck of cards that was on the left side and again share six cards to each player. When all cards are throwed, and the entire deck is used, the role of the dealer is passed to the next player.


Always starts the player who is on the right side of the dealer and the sequence continues in the opposite direction from clockwise. In each round, each player throws only one card. Player may or may not have anything to take away from the deck. In the case of wearing, the player who wears the cards takes them, turning it upside down and put on accumulation, how other players would not be able to see which cards past. In case that the player can not take anything with his card, this card remains on the table. When the game ends, if there are cards that are left on the table the player, who last took something, take them. When a player takes all the cards from the table with his card, it calls tabla. When a player at the end pick up cards that are left on the table, because he is the last taker from the pot, he does not get the tabla.

Scoring in tablić

Each player or pair is scored according to the number of taken cards and points. Maximum number of points is 25 + the number of tabla made:

  • for each card (10, J, Q, K, A) player get one point
  • for little two player receives one point
  • the big ten receives get one additional point
  • the one who took more cards in total gets 3 on the cards (additional 3 points). If both / all players won the same number of cards, nobody gets 3 on the cards.

Scoring for the title

Short game:

  • the winner gets 5 points
  • defeated receives 0 points
  • if the draw players receive 2 points

The Long Game:

  • the winner gets (total points / 2) + (number of points the winner - the number of points of the loser)
    So if the result is 101: 94 the winner gets (101/2) + (101 -94) = 50 + 7 = 57 points
  • defeated player gets (total points / 10)
    So if the result is 101: 94 defeated gets 94/10 = 9 points

Scoring fot the strength

Strength is calculated as a quotient of the number of wins and the number of all played games in current period (month or season).
Additionally, that number is increased by bonus which is calculated according to number of games played in month or season.

Monthly strength bonus Seasonal strength bonus
number of games bonus number of games bonus
60 - 69 1 600 - 699 1
70 - 79 2 700 - 799 2
80 - 89 3 800 - 899 3
90 - 99 4 900 - 999 4
100 - 109 5 1000 - 1099 5
110 - 119 6 1100 - 1199 6
120 - 129 7 1200 - 1299 7
130 - 139 8 1300 - 1399 8
140 - 149 9 1400 - 1499 9
više od 149 10 više od 1499 10

Seasonal strength is displayed on the game page in the form of scale below the player picture.


Players are ranked in the leaderboards based on points won and strength.

Monthly leaderboards

On the monthly score leaderboard are all players sorted by points earned in the current month.
On the monthly strength leaderboard are players sorted by their strength in the current month. Player need to have minimum 50 played games in order to be found on this leaderboard.

Seasonal leaderboards

On the seasonal score leaderboard are players sorted by points earned in the current season.
On the seasonal strength leaderboard are players sorted by their strength in the current season. In order to be found on this leaderboard player needs to have minimum number of played games depending of season part:
- from October to December: minimum 100 games
- from January to March: minimum 200 games
- from April to June: minimum 300 games
- from July to September: minimum 400 games

Friends leaderboards

On the friends score leaderboard are your friends that are playing Tablić sorted by points won.
On the friends strength leaderboard are your friends sorted by their strength from the seasonal strength leaderboard.